Local Attractions

As featured in National Geographic, our hotel is entirely constructed from salt blocks, with sweeping panoramic views of Salar de Uyuni dotting the hotel. Witness the beauty of the surrounding Bolivian Salt Flats and get lost finding the spot where the sky meets the earth. 


In addition to our restaurant and spa, our friendly staff will go above and beyond to curate and create your connection to the salt flats and other attractions of Sal de Uyuni, Bolivia. We organize tours to Salar de Uyuni, which will include all the natural sites you want to see. We can also help put together an event to remember, with photos that will truly be a work of art. 


After Salar De Uyuni 

Visiting the salt flats of Bolivia is the experience of a lifetime—make the most of your visit to this natural phenomenon by exploring the other attractions that were created by nature and by people because of the salt. Here are some of the Bolivian historical sites and attractions nearby: 



Colorful Lagoons

The salt deposits across the region create strikingly beautiful, salt and mineral-rich lakes. Laguna Blanca is clear and white and has some of the best reflective properties of all the colorful lakes in the area. Laguna Verde is a bright green caused by the minerals in the water, it is at the base of the Licancabur volcano. Finally, Laguna Colorada is bright red, and flamingos frequently flock here. 

Train Cemetery

Uyuni’s striking train graveyard is covered in rusted-out old trains, a testament to Uyuni’s long history as an important trading outpost at the intersection of roads that connect Bolivia to Chile and Argentina. In the 19th century, British engineers began the construction of a new railway for mineral transportation. When the project was abandoned, the trains began to dramatically decay due to the salty winds. 

Uyuni Market

On Thursdays, a fun thing to do in Uyuni is to head to Avenida Potosi, when it becomes an open-air market, selling a wide variety of goods and crafts. Don’t worry if you’re not here on Thursday, our hotel shop also carries many goods made of salt, as well as Andean crafts.